Sunday, June 21, 2015


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and to all the single mamas who played Dad's part too...

but especially Happy Father's Day to my favorite dads.

To the dad who taught me about concrete vs. cement, how to change my own oil, the value of a dollar, the importance of working hard, and just how fun hanging out in the woods can be. I haven't seen him in over a year and I miss him all the time, but today I am feeling especially down about it. I have been thinking a lot about all kinds of fun memories lately (like the time my mom was working late and my dad made us a spaghetti dinner and then let us blow milk bubbles so crazy they covered our kitchen table, or the time all the kids on our street had a water gun fight and then got OWNED by my dad who decided to climb up onto the roof and provide a surprise attack with a water gun of his own. Then when my mom came out and said dinner was ready he shouted, "I gotta go, guys! Mom says I have to come in now.") and wishing I could see him and my mom right now.
"Baby-free pull-ups are for suckers."
And to my sweet husband, or as my little boy is currently saying, "Dad-dee." I love him for a million reasons, but high up on the list are the way he looks when he's holding our tiny girl, the way my little man's eyes light up when they're together, and the way he always puts his family first. It's pretty amazing to be madly in love with the only person on the planet who loves your baby exactly as much as you do.

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  1. The last line gave me the goose-bumps! I've never thought about it that way, but it is so true.


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