Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review: Money Making Mom

I have been a long-time reader and fan of Money Saving Mom. I have learned a lot from this blog and I freely admit it has been hugely instrumental in allowing us to live on one income. I’ve also guest posted for her a few times (1//2//3

I was very excited to join her book launch team and happily accepted a copy of her newest book, MoneyMaking Mom, in exchange for an honest review.

My honest review is that I loved the book.

Our ultimate goal is to work side-by-side, in a setting that allows us to parent and homeschool our children while supporting each other in bringing in an income for our family.

At this point in time Ryan is still very firmly planted in the traditional work world, but we have big goals to move that down to a part-time status and to eventually work only for ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to live out in a self-sustaining cabin in the woods with a few small vacation rental cabins on our property. We would bring in income through those cabins, in-town real estate ventures, and any other passive/residual income sources that seem to work for us to meet our own income needs and to sponsor several children through Compassion. Actually we’d ultimately love to be able to travel out and visit them every few years.

Obviously that can’t happen overnight so in the meantime we focus on a funnel-effect of income sources we hope will lead us to our dreams sooner rather than later. So for now I focus on this blog, our children’s book website (, and booksales. Ryan wrote an eBook earlier this year and we’ve been working towards our goal of a business he’ll be running mostly by himself. (I’ll be helping with the books and phone calls but won’t typically be on-site with him)

We have all these great ideas that don’t take off like we’d of course hope they do, but reading this book gave me some really great ideas for pushing those things forward. I got a lot of good ideas for the main business (Ryan’s), but I was especially excited about some of the ideas it spurred for me to use for the website and for marketing my books in the future.

My favorite things about the book were real-life examples she shared from other readers who have made their own business ventures take off, a variety of levels of business goals (we have never been looking to get rich, just to make it and still have time to be a family), a realistic approach since our children/family is our ultimate priority, and a very strong encouragement to use your success to help others.

Do you have your own business or have dreams for one? 

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  1. That's so great that it helped you hone in on your goals and that it gave you some ideas!


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