Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Review: Night Driving by Addie Zierman

I just finished reading Night Driving by Addie Zierman and now I'm itching for a road trip!

I lived in Minnesota during the polar vortex and I loved it!
It was really interesting to read about the same Minnesota winter from Addie Zierman's perspective and to think about what I was doing (embracing it!) while she was fleeing it.
It was also neat to read about a road trip that could-have-been since we never made any trips in the same direction she did (Andover, MN to Ormond Beach, FL).

Addie suffers from depression. Because I've been there via postpartum depression and because my hormones are a bit wonky now at the end of this pregnancy, reading so much about depression really made me feel anxious and itchy.

I don't really feel right reviewing someone's walk of faith since that's such a private, spiritual thing but I do love the way she tied it all up. This was my absolute favorite part (actually two parts, but pretty close together: )

I'm not actuallysure I'd recommend this book if you're struggling with depression or a crisis of faith, but otherwise I did like it and especially from a travel-loving perspective!

*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for review.

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