Friday, August 12, 2016

Just Like Me, Just Like You

I fell in love with you for one reason: You were made for me.
You fell in love with me for a million and one little reasons.
We’re so very alike and so very very different. It works.
We got married and had babies. All three of them are so completely unique. They are all their own people and they fit into our little family in their own individual ways.
And yet I look at them and I see us, over and over again.

He starts every other sentence with “Welllll” because he is just like me.
She is filled with a quiet determination, just like you.
She is happiest when she’s snuggling, just like me.
He never tires of hiking in the woods because he is just like you.
She is sensitive to a fault, just like me.
He has an ear for music, just like you.
He is sometimes so empathetic that tears fill his eyes when he thinks of improbable things, just like me.
She likes to make her own rules and blaze her own trail, just like you.

They will grow up to be completely unique. They will like things we don’t like. They will try things we wouldn’t have tried. We will sometimes wonder what made them say that or think that or do that. Once in a while we might shout “I didn’t raise you to…”
We will shake our heads and wonder where in the world they got that idea and forget that really, deep down, they are just trying to figure this crazy life out. They’ll want to get it right but not quite know how to do that at first. They’ll be certain that their own ways are the best way—just like we’ll be certain our ways are the best way—because they are just like me and just like you.

One of them might teach themselves guitar, just like you. One might find a love for writing or sewing or gardening, just like me. One might grow bored as quickly as you do. One might crave routine as much as I do. One might hate leaving the house at night like me. One might have trouble sitting still like you. One might be afraid of the dark like me.

Your dad sometimes points out similarities between you and his dad. My dad sometimes points out similarities between me and his grandmother.

Maybe someday our children will think their children or their children’s children, are just like me or just like you. 

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  1. This is so beautiful Sara! Made me have tears in my eyes.


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