Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Magic of Words

This morning there was a deer in our yard.

I could leave it at that or I could pour out words and share how it became a full event.

How I was lying in bed, lazily nursing the baby, while Ryan talked to the big kids in the kitchen. I heard him say, “Look guys! There’s a deer!” and then he was in the bedroom, pulling up the blinds and telling me, with a shine in his eyes that made him look 17 again, “The deer’s in our yard!”

The baby delatched, curious about the commotion. Ryan lifted the big kids up to stand on the windowsill and watch it eat. Their big smiles and bright eyes mirrored their Daddy’s.

Ryan had to get ready for work so he moved back and forth, brushing his teeth at the bedroom window and packing his lunch while he watched out the kitchen window.

We all ooohed and ahhhhed when the deer—who we hadn’t yet noticed was a spike—stood up on “her” hind legs to eat berries from the neighbor’s tree.

We took the kids down from the windowsill and little B cried and called out, “Deeeer!” We were impressed and rewarded that good talking with another glimpse, then Ryan had the great idea of opening the back door so they could stand at the glass screen door and watch him more.

It was MAGIC! But no one would know that if I just said “There was a deer in our yard this morning.”

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