Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Favorites

Favorite books: The Amish Midwife was the only fiction book I read (loved it), and my favorite nonfiction was Through the Eyes of Hope.

Favorite children’s books: We read a chapter of Winnie the Pooh each day, which three-year-old A and I both loved. We also really enjoyed All Things Bright and Beautiful, The Bravest Knight, The Egg, King Jack and the Dragon, and When God Made You.

Favorite thrift store finds: We have a few thrift stores in our town that are all right beside each other. One of them offers one free book to every child, every day that they come inside. We usually go twice a month (once after each payday) to select their free books and pick up a few homeschool items. (Books, puzzles, flash cards… I’ve been on the hunt for a globe or good set of maps and a few different furniture items that’ll make homeschool easier for us) This month we have a three-way tie between the like-new 48-piece Melissa & Doug pirate puzzle I got for $.99(!!), the new-with-tags Spiderman hoodie, and the Batman suit for Daddy to wear when they play Superheroes. (The Batman suit is one of my favorites. Nobody said it was one of Daddy’s =P)

Favorite one-on-one date: Actually, Baby C! Even though I had some pretty fun ones with the big two, an accidental date is the one that most stands out to me. We had to go to the grocery store in town that has a play place for kids two and up. For the first time ever, B (who was freshly 2!) wanted to go in with A. I dropped them off and then just so enjoyed that precious one-on-one time while C was so smiley and bubbly. She was giggling, reaching out for hugs and waving to every person she saw, and giving me the biggest smiles. I always love it when they miraculously imitate you perfectly at this stage and after I laughed, “I love you!” she babbled “Ah lobb yewwww!” which, after three babies doing the same thing at various times, you will never convince me was coincidence.

Favorite Baby Sign Language development: “I love you” <3 I was working in our kitchen, which has one of those ledges cut out so I can see into the living room. I popped up over the ledge and said, “Love you!” to my monkeys while signing it. All three of them signed it back at the same time! So awesome!

Favorite workout: Trampoline park! So fun! We all had a blast, and also this is a shout-out to my three-baby bladder who handled jumping up and down like a true champion.
If I re-enter the workforce I am definitely putting that on my resume. Jumped on trampoline for ~30 minutes after birthing three babies, didn’t even have to pee until ~one hour after completion of jump session.
If it were an Olympic sport, Trampolining Moms, I might seriously have a shot at being a real contender.
I don’t excel at much. I’m an average cook, average housekeeper, average dancer, average photographer. But I am extremely skilled at trampolining post-baby.
Be sure to leave a comment below if you’d like me to talk even more about this subject. I’m happy to write an entire post about it. Or book. I could do a memoir, if anyone is interested. With color photo inserts in the middle.

Favorite show/movie: Alaskan Bush People, again. I also found season three on DVD! It's from an Australian website so hopefully it actually pans out okay. Fingers crossed!

Favorite homeschool activities… 
Construction: I liked Roadwork, and listening to my son ask my dad construction questions on the phone (“Did you ever drived a big tractor?” “What color is your favorite builder boots?”)
Trains:  This unit wasn’t as fun or exciting as I think we both expected it to be, but it was still decent. My favorite books were Terrific Trains and Berenstain Bears All Aboard; A liked the Berenstain Bears book and Goodnight Train
Bugs: We made “dirt” cups, which had to be made snobbishly to work with food sensitivities so was chocolate chia seed pudding topped with crushed up paleo cookie and apple slice “worms,” then he got to practice counting with it… “Now let’s count out nine worms for this bowl”, etc. Our favorite books were Boband Otto, Buzz, and Ant’s Day Off.
Dr. Seuss: Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ birthday so we’ve been enjoying a Dr. Seuss-themed homeschool unit. One of my secrets is that I actually kind of can’t stand Dr. Seuss books. I don’t know why. They irritate the heck out of me. But the kids have been loving this unit like crazy and are all fired-up about the birthday party at the library next week. When I asked the librarian what snacks would be there, so I could bring them a gluten-free substitute, she informed me that she herself is GF and always made sure to bring a matching GF treat as well! I found some super cute Dr. Seuss school supplies in the Target dollar section so we’ve been using fun Dr. Seuss number flashcards this week and we’ve read Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (the one book I do tolerate), The Lorax, The Sneetches, The Foot Book, and One Fish, Two Fish. My mom is planning to call this afternoon to read them Green Eggs & Ham over the phone. We got the library book so they can look at the pictures while she reads. =] 

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