Monday, March 27, 2017

Homeschool preschool randoms

-We’re moving into a three bedroom in two weeks so I am going crazy with my excitement about decorating our homeschool room! I have a calendar and a world map to hang up, and I also just got a great little Curious George poster for free from my library. And yesterday I found the item I’ve been searching for for over a year, A GLOBE! A reasonably-priced globe. It was in the office supply section of my Target if you happen to be looking too =]

-I was so encouraged recently by Sarah Mae’s description of their Type B homeschool day. Phew, I can handle a day like that!

-We don't really have a set schedule right now. I always make one and then just go with the flow instead. But these are the basic things we do every week, at least for now: daily devotional from Little Blessings, lesson and verse memorization from his Awana book, stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible, letter sounds, number work, Spanish basics, and at least one book each day following a certain science or history theme for the week (unit studies, kinda, but not really)

-Gretchen is homeschooling her kindergartner and preschooler and has been sharing their adventures on a dedicated homeschooling Instagram account which I just love!

-Our “unit study” is just a group of fiction and non-fiction children’s books which all fit a specific theme. Sometimes we do some kind of worksheet/craft/activity to go with it, depending upon what I find or come up with. Other times we might act it out or come up with some kind of puppet show or something… and once in a while none of us feel very into it and we just read the book and go play outside.
We’ve been focusing on the states and sites we’ll see on our trip and we’ll just lightly focus on the same things while we’re on the trip. This has been a super fun unit and it makes me so excited for all our future family adventures. We have a US map puzzle and my son can now map out both the route we’ll be taking and the route my in-laws will be taking to meet us, and the other day he asked to look at more maps so Ryan pulled out our big road atlas and showed them all kinds of things. So exciting!

-Books on my personal To-Read list: The Homeschooling Book of Answers // The Pig in the Pantry

-Our boy’s birthday is coming up and the family activity we’ll be enjoying is a movie theater trip (probably almost as expensive as our road trip?) to see the new Disney Nature movie, Born in China. We’re focusing on China that week to prepare for it and I’ve already found a few books we can’t wait to read… The Giant Pandas of China // China // Look What Came from China // Amazing Animals: Pandas // and I really love God Gave us the World which talks about all different bears and has a little section about pandas too. China isn’t all about pandas, I know… but it is for my son ;]

-For some reason we’ve been having a lot more trouble with number recognition than letter recognition (yes, I know my own numbers. Hold your math jokes, por favor) so I’ve been trying to come up with games to help us out with that since I know children learn best by playing at this age.
I was thinking Go Fish might be a good one, but probably mostly as a game where he’s partnered with one of us and playing against the other. That’s fine, but difficult to do with the girls running around.
My mother-in-law is bringing Sorry on our trip, which has number cards instead of dotted dice, so if he enjoys that game I’m going to watch for an in-tact version at the thrift stores. He’s super into board games right now so I think that’ll be helpful.

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