Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Plans

One really awesome thing about homeschooling is making your own schedule. We’re really early into it right now of course so we have a lot more freedom now than we will in the future but I am looking forward to continuing that freedom even as the kids get older.

I’m looking forward to ditching our typical work next week to focus on Easter. I worked really hard to make Christmas a genuinely spiritual holiday for the kids this year and I am looking forward to doing the same for Easter.

I’m excited to enjoy one spiritually-focused Easter story together each day during the week and then spend Easter itself enjoying church, another story, and great family time.

Sometimes I think traditions can very quickly turn into a “bad” thing, when everybody hates whatever it is the family does but they all keep doing it because they “have” to. I’ve actually known several families who had certain Christmas or Thanksgiving traditions that nobody but one person liked and all of those friends have said at one time or another that the whole holiday was tense with their family because everyone was unhappy because of that. I never want anything like that to happen, but at the same time I would like to figure out some kind of good family-time tradition for these two big holidays, at least while they’re young and interested.

We don’t eat traditional Easter food, we don’t dye eggs, we don’t do an egg hunt, and we don’t do Easter baskets. So yes, we’re focused more on the Spiritual reason for the holiday, but we’re also sucking out all the kid-fun. I’d like to find some kind of balance there.

Where we live, spring can still be really cold sometimes. Even snowy. Hence the no-egg-hunting. I had initially thought an Easter hike + picnic sounded perfect but then I wondered what we would do on the years it’s too chilly for that.

Any ways. I’m still thinking about it so I’ll let you know if I come up with something fantastic. In the meantime, these are the spiritually-based Easter books we have or have enjoyed in the past and will likely be reading next week…

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