Friday, May 26, 2017

7 Quick Takes

*linking up with Camp Patton for 7 Quick Takes today…

1. My “currently reading” list is getting seriously insane. Even for me.
It’s Not Fair // The Homegrown Preschooler // Under the Harrow // Small Great Things // the illustrated classic version of Beauty andthe Beast with A // a few pregnancy books // my current devotionals: Your Pregnancy Devotional and Tranquility. I know. I KNOW. But I’m almost done with a few of them.

2. I really don’t enjoy doing crafts with my kids. I get really stressed out and overwhelmed by it, which makes me on-edge and grouchy, which makes me feel guilty, so vicious circle. But my kids of course LOVE crafts so I’ve been trying to do more here. This week I finally tried putting finger paints into ziplock bags and then taping them to the sliding glass door. IT WAS A HIT! I have known about this for FOREVER and I sure wish I’d started it sooner!

3. You can still enter the giveaway for one of three free copies of Blessed by Birth! Click here to enter, here to like our Facebook page, and here to watch the book trailer.

4. Found some great homeschool thrift store goodies for the future this week… Books to Build On // Lead us to Freedom, Harriet Tubman! // Take a Stand, Rosa Parks! // and my favorite: American Girl: The Story of America. I loved the American Girl books as a kid and I loved pouring over the catalogs, so I imagine baby-doll-loving B will go nuts over this book in a few years. And if not, well, I will just keep enjoying it myself ;]  
I also found a seriously perfect entertainment center for holding all our books & supplies for $20. Ryan said no to it because he for some reason thinks he has time to build one himself but a bed frame for our mattress is further up on his list so I’m planning to revisit this discussion if it’s still there this weekend.

5. Has anybody watched Anne With an E on Netflix yet?! We just have the disc plan because no Internet at home so I am patiently(ish) waiting for it to come out on DVD. I’ll have a few solo nights coming up because of Ryan’s weird work schedule and I was planning to spend them watching that but now I’ll have to go with Gilmore Girls instead. Or maybe I’ll just read one of the 75 books listed up above…

6. Ryan and I are both super introverted. Like, it’s a miracle that we ever even dated but there is also no way we would ever have made it with someone else, ya know? B is also crazy introverted at this point and seriously almost shuts down around other people, even my friends who she sees frequently. C seems kinda neutral, hard to say at this age, but A is super extroverted. I’m trying to get over myself a little and host a playdate for him each week. Since that’s still really out of my comfort zone I figure we’ll have some of them just be park dates with friends. I think we’re having a couple friends over to play at the water table with them next week and he is seriously losing his mind over it. “How many more days until my friends come now?” 

7. B’s two-year-old prayer last night… “Fank you for Daddy a be safe an for Daddy a be off work soon… an for Daddy a be safe… an fank you for Daddy play wif me… an Daddy readin’ books to me. Amen. An fank you for Mommy. An Daddy. Amen.” =D

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