Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Homeschool Pre-K3: Yearbook

We have officially completed our first year of homeschool. We took pre-k3 very light. I firmly believe that children learn best at this age by playing so that’s mostly what we did… but A is a lot like his daddy was as a kid and LOVES to do workbooks and work on his letters/numbers so when he asked, I often let him. I enjoy teaching him and was definitely excited about it so I pretty much gave him a mini lesson any time he asked for it, which was often.

After a lot of research I developed my own homeschool style (at least for this age!) with all the things I loved from a unit studies approach and a Charlotte Mason approach, as well as things I like about Montessori and Waldorf education styles.
Some of our favorite unit studies this year were on bears, trains, the ocean, vegetable gardening, trees, construction, the Redwoods, and China.

Overall, this was a really great year. I learned a lot, A learned a lot, and even B learned a lot just from tagging along. Most importantly, it set the tone for a really happy future in homeschool and assured me that I CAN do this and we can all come out smiling.

I’m already excitedly putting together plans for our Pre-K4 year (I like the year-round approach so we’ll be starting back up July 10th) and I can’t wait to share those when it’s time! 

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