Friday, June 9, 2017

7 Quick Takes

Once again linking up with Camp Patton to share seven random things with you on this lovely Friday…

"This is Daddy. Well, it's kind of Daddy. It doesn't have green eyes and Daddy does."
1. I read a really fascinating article in a magazine at the pediatrician’s office, but now I can’t remember which magazine it was. Any ways, you might already know this but did you know that music is a form of math? This article was talking about how math-oriented children learn well with music and how music-oriented children tend to do really well with math. I’m sure there are lots of exceptions but in general it made sense to me.

2. The homeschool room is really starting to come along and I’m kind of losing my mind with the excitement of it all. I can’t wait to share it here, probably in early July. We start back up July 10th so I definitely want to have it ready by then at least. =]

3. Currently reading: The Year of Learning Dangerously // The Midwife’s Apprentice // Small Great Things (plus Your Pregnancy Devotional and the pregnancy books I read from each Saturday!)

4. “The Bible says to be loving and kind and sharing… and to come out and play Mr. Potato Head with us right now.”

5. Sweet little C got stung by a bee on the 31st. I am super allergic and even have an epi pen for it, and bee allergies run on both sides of our family, so I’ve been crazy paranoid that she’ll get stung again and have a much worse reaction the next time. =[

6. A quick list of things I hate now that I am a mom: Open floor plan kitchens. Sidewalk chalk. Any art medium (play dough, paint, etc) where kids can mix up all the pretty colors and make them all a hideous brown a few minutes after opening them, then tell you they want to buy more. Disney-Pixar movies. Powdered sugar. The t-shirts most people wear. Carpet. 

7. Thanks to everybody who bought a copy of Blessed by Birth and/or shared it somewhere! We sure appreciate your support! You can purchase it as a paperback here or an eBook here, and we’d very much appreciate it if you’d share it with your family and friends!

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