Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Homeschool Resources on the Cheap!

Our homeschool room is currently filled with useful resources and when I was putting things away I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how much I’ve managed to accumulate in advance for little to no money.

I was telling my cousin how glad I am that I got started when I did (while I was still pregnant with A!) because if I was just now getting started, I’d be scrambling to get everything I needed and probably having no choice but to pay full price!

These are my tips…

-Craigslist’s free section. Sometimes people are moving in a hurry, don’t have a truck for moving something, or just have some other reason for wanting something pretty nice gone ASAP. This is usually best for weird furniture, but sometimes you'll find some other random gems like a tub of old children's books or something

-Thrift stores, especially those that offer 50% off days or 50% off on certain colored tags. We also have one that offers each child a free book every time they walk through the doors.

-Library sales! Every few months ours will have a sale that lets you fill up a grocery sack of books for $.25. Do you know how many children’s chapter books you can fit in a grocery sack?!

-Swagbucks!! (If you use my link, I get extra Swagbucks and I'm pretty sure you do too... but don't quote me on that.) I use Swagbucks for so much! It's my favorite site for actually getting gift cards and I usually choose the Amazon gift card these days, which has gone towards homeschool products many, many times!

-Target's Dollar Spot at back-to-school time and Dollar Tree's teaching section.

-Gifts. When you make your Christmas or birthday lists, consider making an educational item part of your round-up. When my mother-in-law eats at Chick Fil A, she always gets a kids meal so she can send the monkeys the book that comes inside. Some are just for fun but several have been great educational tools, like the Amazing Animals series and Usborne shine-a-light series.

-Free stuff opportunities... like the library's summer reading program, Influenster for mom, test groups, book review sites (I personally use Book Look Bloggers, Blogging for Books, and the Tyndale Blogger network for primarily Christian books in exchange for an online review), etc

-Repurpose! Get creative and find non-traditional uses for things you already own or things you've gotten a great deal on... we are using closet shelving as our big desk/shelving unit in the homeschool room. Check out your Habitat for Humanity store for things like this!

Exciting news... Blessed by Birth is now available for Nook

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