Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We Stood Upon Stars

My husband and I have adventure running through our veins. We just can’t quench our desire to see new places and explore new things. We like quiet and quaint downtown areas, bustling cities, secluded campgrounds, waterfalls, lakes. We like winding mountain roads, packed-down hiking trails, amusement parks, libraries, coffee shops, caverns.

Sometimes the desire to go explore something new turns into a strange kind of desperation, like an itch we can’t scratch. We start to plan a big trip, we spend a Saturday checking out a new-to-us area in the next town over, we find a trail we haven’t hiked and we make a day of it.

We recently started planning another Yellowstone trip and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I started reading We Stood Upon Stars and I might have gone crazy if I hadn’t already known there was something waiting in the wings for us.

Roger W. Thompson writes in a way that makes me a little crazy. Waiting for another adventure now, after reading his descriptions of fishing holes and small towns and big cities, sounds nearly impossible. On top of that, this book is peppered with tales of the way his travels have brought him closer to God or have shaped his relationship with his sons, and it all feels so much bigger than just a little trip now. It feels important, even necessary, if we’re going to raise our children the way we hope and plan to.

It was equally as fun to read about his experiences in places I had never seen as it was to compare and contrast my own experiences in the places we’ve both been… and then it was only natural for me to reflect on all the other places I’ve been, places he may or may not have ever visited.

The author lives and primarily travels around the west so we had quite a few common travel destinations—including Yellowstone—and I admit that probably made it far more exciting.

If you’re at all into adventures, and especially if you also see profundity when you explore, this book is absolutely for you. Happy reading!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this (completely honest) review.

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