Monday, July 10, 2017

Homeschool Room!

We use a year-round schedule and picked one that would work well with bringing a new baby home in November so it’s officially time for homeschool preschool! Today is our first day and we’re both pretty excited. B is too, but I don’t do anything to actively educate her so she’s just the tag-along. =]

I wrote something a few weeks ago I’ve been meaning to share so I’ll just put it up now and share some pictures. Enjoy!

It’s the middle of June and I’m not at all actively homeschooling right now… and yet, I am.
I’m re-teaching myself US history. I despised it as a kid but am wildly interested in it now. I’m reading history books and historical fiction, asking questions, reviewing timelines, borrowing History Channel DVDs from the library. I’m keenly aware that my children benefit greatly from things like this… but mostly, I’m doing it for me.

I got the girls settled in for their naps and curled up beside them on the couch for today’s reading, then found myself writing instead, reflecting on my mini-autodidact’s day.

Today is a knight day. He wore his knight costume and built a castle, colored in his knight-and-dragon coloring book, looked at several different knight, dragon and castle books, asked a hundred questions… it’s just after noon <3

I know the excitement will soon peter out and this will all just be a normal part of our daily routine again… but right now, today, I am going crazy with my excitement about homeschool.

Nearly everything in here is old, used, or both… but just in case you’re interested in any of the resources:
-large gray desk + shelving unit is actually two closet shelving units Ryan rigged together to create the setup I’ve been dreaming of all this time… but I was initially just trying to find a big, 90s-style entertainment center at a thrift store. My plan was to paint it, possibly add or remove shelves as needed, and put a big board in the TV space which I would paint with magnetic paint for all of our learning magnets.
-kiddie table (we put the chairs together all mismatched so nobody would fight over colors)
-Melissa & Doug daily calendar

You can also check out my post about finding homeschool resources on the cheap here!

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