Friday, October 6, 2017

Homeschool lately

We have actually been on our first break for the year but considering that the way we do preschool is to mostly just read together and explore things they’re interested in, it’s been a lot like not taking a break.

We were on a reptile/amphibian kick for a little while there which involved borrowing a Diego DVD (Iguana Sing Along, which also had a snake episode in it), all kinds of reptile/amphibian books (My personal favorite was Hip Pocket Papa but A’s favorite was Toad), and a family PetCo excursion where Ryan and I were happily surprised to discover some “exotic” reptiles mixed in with your usual suspects.

We also enjoyed a really great pond walk recently, which resulted in a whole lot of exploration and several pond books. Favorites were In a Small, Small Pond // Pond Walk // Over and Under the Pond. My parents came to visit shortly after that and got us a net, plus a fishing pole for each kid, so they’re very excited to go back and examine fish next time. We saw another family there using a net to catch minnows and then putting them into a bucket of water to observe them. Hopefully we’ll be able to do the same thing!

We’re already almost finished with our 50 states reading map! As of today, we need books from just five more states… Montana, North Dakota, Delaware, Arkansas and West Virginia. If you know of any books that mention one of those states, however briefly, let me know! =]

This boy is super into knights and kings and such so we’re getting really excited to go experience a renaissance festival soon, and to read allll kinds of related stories and books before we go!

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