Friday, November 24, 2017

50 Nifty United States, Picture Book Style

My boy loves maps, particularly of the US. We have a big one hanging up in the homeschool room and he has two different USA puzzles. He is always looking at them and talking about them—That’s where Uncle Christopher lives! I been there! That’s where I was born!—so for fun, I printed out a blank black-and-white USA map a few months ago.

I let him color in a state each time we read a children’s book that talked about that state, even if only as a brief mention. (Often only in the Author’s Note section) I had to get online and really hunt to find books once we hit the end of our list, but now we have a fun little list of children’s books that take place in each state. Enjoy!

ColoradoBoss of the Plains
MissouriBoss of the Plains
West VirginiaM is for Mountain State


Other USA resources you might find fun… 50 Nifty United States (song) // The United States // USA puzzle // Wonders of the USA

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