Thursday, November 30, 2017

Homeschool Lately

Homeschool has been so sparse and strange with all the cardiac stuff going on lately but we’ve still managed to work in some fun stuff here and there. Every mom I talk to always thinks her family’s spacing was the perfect spacing, but boy was I grateful for such close spacing this month. It would have been really stressful to have been so down-for-the-count if I was trying to homeschool like a 4th-grader and a middle schooler instead of just a preschooler!

A has been writing down one thing he is thankful for each day in November. This is a prescheduled post so I have no idea how it all ended but along with each of our family members he’s so far also listed Star Wars, Legos, his workbook, and the stuffed dragon he frequently slays while wearing his knight costume. It’s been fun to see what he comes up with each day and his writing/sounding-out skills impress me every day.

Now that we’ve finished our USA book adventure we’re moving onto a world book adventure, pretty exciting stuff!

He’s still loving his Star Wars workbook (I meant to work on that daily but just couldn’t seem to make it happen last month), enjoyed a few board games with Ryan’s aunt and mom (and once with me, huzzah!), has been having a ton of fun using the hopscotch rug my mom sent, and tried a Leap Frog movie for one of our movie days, Numbers Ahoy.

He can tell you all kinds of things about the first Thanksgiving right now (Thanksgiving: What Makes it Special // Thanksgiving, a Harvest Celebration // The Magic School Bus and the First Thanksgiving), is very interested in water-related weather (“Water is liquid! But ice is solid water! And snow is kind of both!”) (Sid the Science Kid // Let it Snow), and is extremely fascinated with babies—umbilical cords, weird poops, crying without tears at first, the works. (What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home // Babies ) He is miraculously not interested or curious about how said babies come out of their mothers’ bellies (again, pre-scheduled post… maybe that’ll change once baby gets here).

He is forever asking for a watch and our rule is that he can’t have a watch until he learns to tell time. He is suddenly taking this very seriously and has asked me to hang up a clock in the homeschool room so we can practice. I saw some at Target for a few bucks not too long ago so I’m definitely planning to grab one the next time I am there and have a few extra bucks to spare.

I’m pipedreaming about 2018 plans and for some reason science stuff is high up on the list. I’m planning to use a gift card and 20% off coupon to our local Christian bookstore to get Indescribable: 100 Devotions about God & Science to read through for future homeschool endeavors and I can’t wait to give that a try! He’s also been asking for a magnifying glass so he can explore nature (thx, Sid the Science Kid!) so I’m planning to put one in his Christmas stocking. We saw a commercial advertising Kiwico science boxes at a doctor’s office and I’ve been curious about them ever since!

And, of course, ten general picture books we’ve loved as of late: I Love Cake // Bear Snores On // 5-Minute Star Wars Stories // I’m Bored // How Many Jelly Beans? // Corduroy // Library Mouse // Feathers for Lunch // As the Crow Flies // Pumpkin Day!

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