Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Recent Inspirations

I read this line in my current devotional, Total Christmas Makeover… but I want to focus on these goals every day, not just during December.

“Pray. Forgive. Love. Study the word. Serve others.”

It’s really easy to get caught up in what we “should” be doing… and even (especially?) as Christians!
We “should” go to church every Sunday… and join a small group, and host a Bible study, and send our kids to Awana and VBS and youth group every week, see all the new Christian movies as soon as they hit theaters to keep ‘em coming…


We should pray.
We should forgive.
We should love.
We should read our Bibles.
We should take soup to a sick friend or new mom, or shovel our neighbor’s sidewalk, or offer to babysit without compensation, or hold somebody’s hand in the waiting room and simply listen instead of trying to make it all better.

I can do those things! I can’t paint beautiful backdrops for the Christmas play and I can’t play piano in a way that brings worship into hearts… but I can pray and love and forgive and study the word and serve others!

This, I can handle.


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