Saturday, March 24, 2018

Homeschool Freebies

The whole family enjoyed our first hike of 2018 yesterday, so wonderful! All six of us were happy and smiling as we walked back to the car in the snow we hadn't been expecting... but good grief, such precious family time <3

I just thought I’d share a couple of homeschool freebies I’ve come across recently =]

First, a PDF of pre-k/kindergarten LEGO-themed worksheets! I don’t plan to use all of them but I’m going to print a few pages off this week or next week since A is all about workbooks/worksheets

Second… have you heard of The Good and the Beautiful curriculum? A friend of mine uses it with her daughters and I am so interested! It’s all about focusing on “the good and the beautiful” rather than negativity and it’s very well-done. It’s non-denominational Christian programs and I have always said I wanted to write my own curriculum for as long as possible but now I’m pretty sold on this one. It’s pretty dang affordable as far as homeschool curriculum usually goes, but the best part is that the first grade through fifth grade language arts programs (which include spelling, grammar, literature, geography) are completely free in PDF form! Just print, hole punch, and throw them in a three-ring-binder! 
But truly, I’m most excited about the history programs. They’re well-written, which is of course extremely fun, and they include a fun board game and an Adventures in Odyssey-style audio dramatization… and are specifically designed to be taught family-style, as in you can do the same lesson for all children of all ages, then add in their special sections for older kids. =D

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