Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring break

Most of March was “Spring break” for us… but as I said on Instagram earlier in the month, not doing homeschool preschool looks an awful lot like doing homeschool preschool.

We still spent all kinds of time exploring in the chilly spring air of our own backyard. We were headed out the door for groceries one day when Ryan ran back up and asked me, “Can you grab their magnifying glass? They found a worm and they want to see it better.” We planted cherry tomatoes in terracotta pots and the whole family enjoyed a hike together. Spring break was a time for science.

We started each morning with breakfast and a devotional. Every day we found ourselves curled up on the couch or in Mama’s bed for storybooks together. Spring break was a time for language arts.

We listened to our favorite songs, the Christian radio station, and a new-to-us classical music CD we borrowed from the library. We burst into song each and every day, multiple times a day. We learned Blue Skies and Rainbows in time for Easter and we learned Daddy’s phone number to the tune of Jenny, I Got Your Number. Spring break was a time for music.

We drew pictures, colored in coloring books, painted. Spring break was a time for art.

We visited the optometrist, the dentist, the library, the grocery store, and the auto shop. We made a new friend at that auto shop, one we’re planning an upcoming playdate with. We also went to a friend’s house, had a different friend come over to play, and made a couple videos for family. Spring break was a time for developing social skills.

We baked moist and fluffy banana chocolate chip muffins and they stood at the counter “helping” me make pizza, which is what we call it when they stand on a stool and eat pepperonis while I spread sauce and sprinkle cheese. Spring break was a time for culinary arts.

We counted the rings in a tree stump. We played board games and hopscotch. We figured out how many muffins each family member could have from the batch we had baked. Spring break was a time for math.

Spring break was supposed to be a lesson planning time, a time for me to figure out our kindergarten plans. We did figure out our game plan—we ordered some curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful and are very much looking forward to working on it together!—but we also found ourselves marveling over how silly we can get about homeschooling sometimes.

I learn something new every day. Don’t you? You learn something from a book or a TV show or radio DJ… or you learn from your mistakes, or you learn that your mom took tap dance lessons in the third grade, or you learn that a recipe tastes even better if you use more or less of a particular ingredient.

I know that. All homeschoolers know that. Most parents know that. But even still, it gets so easy get caught up in the lessons and to forget that life in general is homeschool. It reminds me of the read-alouds my mom used to do with my brother and me, of all the board games, all the kitchen time, all the camping trips and family vacations and handwritten thank you notes.

I keep learning this same lesson again and again. I guess I learned something over spring break too.

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