Sunday, May 27, 2018

Summer Reading!

The last time I shared a list of summer reading programs was such a hit, I thought I'd share again this year. I'll update this list if I come across others but for now...

Barnes & Noble- just signing up gets you a coupon for 30% off any kids' book!

Books-a-Million- read four books on their list, win a prize

Chuck-E-Cheese- free tokens as a reading reward

Half-Price Books- bookworm bucks, I would have been in serious heaven winning bookworm bucks as a kid!

HEB- Not sure what the prize is here but if you're already going in for groceries each week...

Library- always the very first place I recommend =]

Lifeway- great for Christian books!

Local bookstores- Be sure to check! Our Christian bookstore has the BEST summer reading program, actually even better than our library's!

Pizza Hut- also open to homeschoolers these days

Scholastic- I actually couldn't even get this program to work for me for most of last summer but I have heard great things.

Showcase Cinemas- screentime as a reward for reading =D

TD Bank- savings account money, not a bad deal at all!

Thrift stores- we actually have a thrift store in our town that has a reading program for kids year-round. Prizes are always more books, can't beat that.

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