Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ten Summer Goals

I used to always make seasonal goal lists and I’m not actually sure when or why I stopped… but this week we all spent one evening relaxing around the kitchen table and making ten summer goals for our family.

1. Make popsicles! We’ve been meaning to do this for forever. We like to make avocado ice cream in our blender so we want to freeze some of that into popsicles, and also we’d all like to try making chai tea popsicles.

2. Board game night! The kids each picked a game to be included on that night—Hoot Owl Hoot, Mickey pop-up game, Jr Rangerland

3. Read The Wizard of Oz aloud together. We managed to get our hands on the pretty Usborne edition and we’ve been excited to dive into it ever since!

4. Finally film that Gingerbread Man play we’ve been planning to film for so long!

5. Pack up our swimsuits and play at the lake.

6. Set up a family baseball game in the backyard.

7. Play a round of mini-golf together!

8. Take an adventure trip to stay in a cabin!

9. Go fishing! (I’m definitely fine with #5 #8 and #9 being the same moment!)

10. DIY waterpark! Neither of us is a big fan of splash pads or water parks so we’d like to make our own! 

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