Monday, August 6, 2018

Hero Tales

I read a short and simple blog post earlier this year about inspiring our children with tales of Christian heroes. The same sentiment is echoed by Sally Clarkson and y'all know how I feel about SC. <3

My mom bought us Everyone a Child Should Know, I read one of the books in Geoff and Janet Benge's series and Dave & Neta Jackson's book on Christian heroes of black history, and I squealed with delight when I discovered several like-new copies of books in their Trailblazers series for $.10 apiece at a garage sale just last week!

So you can imagine my excitement when 12 Faithful Men popped up in my list of potential review books. The subtitle reads "portraits of courageous endurance in pastoral ministry" and the men written about are the apostle Paul, John Calvin, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards,
john Newton, Andrew Fuller, Charles Simeon, John Chavis, CH Spurgeon, JC Ryle, Janani Luwum, and Wang Ming-Dao.

To be a little blunt, I just didn't care for it enough to finish it. I did read quite a bit of it but it simply wasn't speaking to me. I do think it would be very inspiring for those involved in pastoral ministry of any kind but for me, it just wasn't giving me the kind of inspiration I had gone into it looking for.

I don't think it's a bad read by any means, I just don't think it's probably going to be super engaging for you if you aren't already excited about the subject.

*I received a free copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for this honest review. 

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