Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sacred Echoes

I checked out a library book once called Sacred Echoes. It sounded wonderful. The font hurt my eyes so I returned it after reading a few pages and then skimming the rest, but now I wish I'd read it. The general premise was about God throwing a message at you again and again and again, creating a kind of sacred echo.

I've been getting those for the past two weeks. I'm hearing them on the radio or in sermons, catching them in the middle of a song, opening up my devotional/bible study/book to discover them staring me in the face, even got a text from a family member who recently had one of them tattooed on her foot.

Everywhere I turn, I see one of these specific verses. Romans 8:28, in particular, has been echoing all over the place for me. The kids and I memorize a different verse each week and that was the one I chose for that Monday, just a few hours before I got the awful news. Then it just kept coming at me from all over the place. Text messages from people who don't know how significant it is to me right now, inside books and songs, everywhere. I saw it on a decoration in my grandma's bathroom and then I cleaned out my car and found this, an old sermon bulletin.

My heart is going crazy right now. I am sad, but also feeling so loved and pursued. I'm excited about something that might be happening for our family soon and I'm filled with joy over this life I'm living and this family of mine... but still so sad. It's a crazy thing.

I'll keep looking for those sacred echoes, and I hope you will now too.

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