Sunday, September 23, 2018

Recent Reads

Just a handful of books I have recently read and enjoyed…

-Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better… Ryan recently discovered Alkalize or Die and has turned a few health issues completely around thanks to that book. I read it myself and I agreed with most of the information but wasn’t really feeling it. I looked into a few alkaline recipe books, to support my honey, and fell in love with the website—it’s gorgeous! I borrowed her book from the library and I loved it! It had a lot of the same information as Alkalize or Die but it was presented in a way that got me more motivated, plus was beautiful and colorful. If you’re having any health issues at all (or if you just want to take charge of your health), I highly recommend this book!

-Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny… I pretty much alternate between a children’s novel and a Christian non-fiction these days. I sometimes switch it up but that’s basically the pattern I’ve fallen into, unless I get too excited about too many books at once and end up reading them all at the same time again. I have had this one on my list for a while after reading it about somewhere. When we were at that thrift store we frequent that offers a free book to each child who enters its doors, I happened to see this one! And since D is too little to pick her own book, I picked this one for her. It was cute and sweet, somehow Beatrix Potter-y to me, and a great book for children who are into toys coming to life. I’ve added it to my list for potential read-alouds =]    

-Life Changing Prayers*… This is one of those books I was super excited about when I read the description and agreed to review, then ultimately found myself uninterested in starting. But I had committed to it so I resigned myself to it any ways. After the introduction I was still disinterested and didn’t touch it for a whole day, just read a Wellie Wishers during the next day’s naptime and another one that night at bedtime. But once I really sat down to get into it, I was so glad I did! I would say that I liked most of the book just fine but I really, really liked the chapter on Hannah and I loved the chapter on Jonah. 
The Jonah chapter told the story of Harrison Okene, a man who was trapped in a ship that sank to the ocean floor. He was alive and caught in an air bubble in the belly of the ship for three days so you can see why his story was grouped in with Jonah’s. I hadn’t heard of his story before now and was so amazed by it! I found out he’s working on a book of his own and you can’t imagine how excited I am to read that!
Each chapter focused on a different Biblical character’s prayer and broke it down into the basic parts of that prayer, which was interesting, but there were also related stories from the present day that made it all just so incredibly interesting.
I would definitely recommend this one, especially if you are experiencing any kind of serious difficulty that needs prayer!

-Wellie Wishers: The Riddle of the Robin // Willa’s Wilderness Campout // The Muddily Puddily Show // Ashlyn’s Unsurprise Party // The Mystery of Mr. E… I grew up adoring the American Girl books. My mom and I made Addie’s doll, Ida Bean, which won me an entry to a special American Girl tea party in elementary school, and I have a lot of fond memories of time spent pouring over the doll catalogs with my dear friend Alecia. The girls are sweet, into animals and nature, and learn lessons about friendship in most of the books.

Anne of Green Gables… I have always loved Anne. I listened to this audiobook in the car for a few weeks and A, B, and C are all obsessed with her now too. They’ve also been loving the Anne board book we borrowed from the library this month =]

*I received a free copy of Life Changing Prayers from Baker Books, in exchange for my completely honest review.

Currently reading: 31 Prayers for my Husband // Breaking Free // Book Girl // The Chocolate Touch as our read-aloud book

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