Saturday, April 6, 2019

Recent reads

Breaking the Power of Negative Words*… I took a brief hiatus from my most recent Bible study (All Things New) to dive headfirst into Breaking the Power of Negative Words. A huge part of my healing process this year has been unraveling all the lies I’ve latched onto in my soul, all the negative things I’ve had spoken to me and all the negative things I’ve said to myself over the years. I really liked this book and thought it was so well done! I’m unfortunately not quite done working through some of the worst things I’ve knotted up around my heart, but I’m much closer than I was before I started the book and I feel so much hope and confidence that I WILL be free of these painful words in the very near future! It was also really eye-opening to show the kinds of things we might say to our own spouses and children that can cut deep, even when they’re simply careless corrections rather than intentionally cutting remarks. I’m trying to be more mindful all around now, in both the words I take in and the words I release.

Heart and Soul… This picture-book-esque chapter book was our read for Black History Month, but since we only do history twice a week it ended up bleeding into March. We had Spring Break during March but still read it a couple of times during our break, too. There were a couple of times I went ahead and self-edited just because my oldest child is only five but in general I thought the book was very well-done and the illustrations inside were beautiful too.

Maximum Triceratops… This is so fascinating! My five-year-old is on a dinosaur kick right now and borrows alllll the dinosaur library books he can get his hands on. I was skimming this one and got so hooked I turned to the last page and realized, “Whoops, I got so sucked in and just read the whole thing.” This one is well-written by a credible source, but it does say the dinosaurs roamed 66 million years ago and that humans evolved from early rodents, fair warning if you aren’t on board with books like this.

Penny the Puppy… This is the second book I’ve read in the Fairy Animals series, the first being Hailey the Hedgehog. I liked both books just fine. They’re very over-the-top cutesy but they’re also very kind, they offer an organic lesson to reflect on, and they’re generally harmless. They aren’t my favorite books in the world, but they’re fine… and they’re exactly the kind of book third grade me would have gobbled up. I added them to my personal book list to offer around third grade.

The Prayer Box… I talked about this book in my post about Christy winners/finalists. Let me just say that if I had discovered Lisa Wingate a few years ago, I would have dived into the world of Christian fiction so much sooner! Some of my favorite writers for a while were Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah, and Diane Chamberlain. I feel like this book fit right into that world, with a Christian element that was in my opinion not so over-the-top that it’ll seem like too much for those newer to Christian fiction. I was so sucked into Tandi Jo’s story as she dealt with so many personal character elements at once! Very much recommend… can’t wait to read more Lisa Wingate!

*I received a free copy of Breaking the Power of Negative Words from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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