Friday, May 24, 2019

A day in our homeschool

7:00am- The kids sit at the table while I plate their breakfast. We go over our current memory verse (Philippians 2:14), practice this week’s sign language word (bubbles), and I read to them from our current devotional (Love Does for Kids) while they eat.

9:00am- I cleaned up breakfast and worked out, then we did our chores. Now we’re ready to dive into our lessons. I give my six-year-old a math lesson (Math Level K through TheGood and the Beautiful) while my girls play. We are interrupted many times, but we’re used to it and mostly don’t mind. A is particularly enthusiastic about today’s lesson. He jumps down to play while I give my four-year-old her preschool lesson. We read a few pages of Eric Carle’s Animals, Animals and then we do a lesson from her preschool book (Pre-K by The Good and the Beautiful). My two-year-old climbs up and tags along. Everyone is ready for a snack so I slice up an apple to serve with almond butter and then A and I start language arts (Level K through The Good and the Beautiful) while the girls play. We work on spelling words, sight words, phonics, reading, poetry memorization, nouns and verbs. He reads me a book, Biscuit’s Day on the Farm, and then he does a handwriting page (Handwriting Book 1 from The Good and the Beautiful) while I make lunch.

11:30am- I finish my lunch and then read them a chapter of our current read-aloud, Over the Hillsto Nugget, while they finish eating. I normally do a Spanish lesson immediately after our read-aloud but the Mom-designed Spanish thing isn’t working for us right now. I decided we’ll just stop doing Spanish for the end of this school year and start back up in July when I find us a curriculum and start his first grade year. I also read a picture book (Lola at the Library) because I think picture books are super important (and also, we love them).

2:00pm- It’s naptime/quiet time and I normally do a little catch-up work around the house right now but A is making a book for his sister’s birthday tomorrow and needs my help.

3:00pm- Everyone eats a snack while I read a chapter of The Story of the World, which makes for lots of fun discussion. Then we pull out his laminated map and I quiz him on geography. He correctly finds almost all 50 states, plus 22 different countries. Some of them, I have to look at the atlas to double-check since his geography skills are even better than mine. We spent enough time working on his sister’s book that I’m a little frazzled so we skip our usual afternoon elective today- I count that book as both creative writing and art.

6:00pm- This is our usual post-dinner family time which typically entails something like a walk along our property, time outside playing with the remote control Jeep/bikes, a lightsaber battle, etc. Tonight A asks to do some of the science experiments from his My First Super Science Kit and Daddy obliges.

7:30pm- Everyone is in their pajamas with their teeth brushed so we all curl up in Mom and Dad’s bed for a Bible story and bedtime book. Tonight’s story is about Moses so A pulls his map back out to show his Dad that he knows where Egypt, the Nile, and the Red Sea are. We also read Hedgie Blasts Off, which leads us to read one of the space-focused devotionals in Indescribable. It’s a history/geography day, not a science day, but we managed to do a lot more science than history anyway!

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