Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent reads...

God Loves Ugly… I am so grateful for this book! This one is super important for bulimics. Anyone actively working on their own healing can benefit greatly from it but bulimics especially will get so much out of Christa Black’s story!

Hidden Among the Stars… Because my current writing project is a time-slip novel, I’ve been in the mood for those here lately. I had a few other Melanie Dobson books on my list but I let this one sneak in over those when I read the premise. I was in the mood for a good WWII book and this one absolutely did not disappoint! I was so interested in every character and the last 90 pages just flew by in one powerful sitting. Ryan was reading his own book and when he leaned over and said, “Wow, read this paragraph,” I jumped in fright because I had been so absorbed in the story! I can't wait to read more of her books!

Riding Freedom… I loved Esperanza Rising as a kid and Echo a year or two ago so when my mother-in-law grabbed this one at her local used bookstore I was very interested. This was a fictionalized account of a real, very empowered woman and there was a lot of fascinating horse information inside. I added it to my kids’ bookshelf as a good book for around fourth grade.

Three Dollar Mule… Clyde Robert Bulla is my son’s favorite author right now so we read this one (found through The Good and theBeautiful’s book list) together as a read-aloud. I appreciated the family dynamic and he was engaged and interested the entire time so this one is going in our second-grade-ish bookshelf.

What Every Child Should Know About Prayer… We read this as a daily devotional for a while and it went over pretty well. I liked Everyonea Child Should Know a little more, and I think my six-year-old did too, but in general, all of my kids liked this one and it spurred some really interesting conversation on prayer, “unanswered” prayers, etc.

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