Monday, June 3, 2019

A Kitchen Update

The bank sent out their inspector and she checked off the last of the boxes. According to her, this house is finished!

But still there is the kitchen.

Really, it’s fine. It’s functional. But it’s not super functional, and it’s kinda gross. We don’t use most of what space is available because we are still a little grossed out by the mouse situation that existed when we first moved in. In theory everything is clean and completely safe now but these are our babies we’re talking about, you know? So we just don’t use those cabinets or shelves and we plan to upgrade.

I’ve been reading Heart & Home over the past few days and getting so inspired! This little book, by Victoria Duerstock, is actually a devotional centered around interior design. I had certainly never heard of anything like that but I was already trying to imagine our kitchen so I jumped at the chance to read it and review it here.

Duerstock's style does not perfectly match my own personal style, but her tips are tips that will work for anyone.

Right now our kitchen just exists right along that back wall. The tall cabinetry on the right is delightful and I’d love to use it as pantry space, but alas… the longer bottom cabinet has no shelving in it since it was used for mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies. There was quite a bit of ick factor in the bottom of that cabinet so Ryan cleaned it out really well but we still can’t bring ourselves to keep anything in the lower half. The top half is great but I can’t really put much in there because I’m short and would need to pull everything out to reach the things in the back. I’d like to put in a very similar setup when the time comes, but I’d like to do it with pull out drawers coming out of the cabinets so I can use it as a more accessible pantry space.

The kitchen sink is wobbly, just laid into the top of that countertop, and I’m quite afraid of the moldy mess that’s probably lurking in the space we can’t access to clean. The upper and lower cabinets work fine to me, but the counter space is really funky since it drops off at the edge and is then too low to really work at. All of those drawers except for the top two are not being used because, again, quite a bit of ick factor when we first moved in. On the lower half of the cabinet there are several shelves, but they’re all really icky so we don’t use them. I also can’t actually reach the back half because of the placement of the oven.

I would like to get rid of the oven and instead turn this all into an L-shaped counter and cabinetry. I like to use a large toaster oven instead of a big conventional oven anyway so it would make more sense for me to get a gas cooktop or a high-quality hot plate instead of permanently taking up space with that giant appliance I don’t use every day anyway. I’d like to add an upper cabinet over the space where the oven currently sits too.

All that’s left after that is the window! It currently bears some very old bamboo blinds that don’t really do much at all. That’s a huge window but I’d love to give it some modern, functional blinds that allow me to let it or block out the sunlight at different times in the day.

I have no idea when we’ll actually get started on this but we hope it’ll be somewhat soon so we can fully move in! Right now we still have about half of our kitchen stuff up in boxes and it’s starting to get really old. In the meantime I guess I need to figure out what color cabinets to do (I always like dark and think that would go best with our new trim?) and what kind of countertops should go with them (uhhhhh?).

I have already learned quite a few great design tips from Heart & Home and still have a few devotions left to read. I’ll share more here once it’s all come together! If you have some interior design updates of your own to do, definitely check out Heart & Home! (There's a giveaway below!) There's also a Christmas version coming out in September!

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*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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