Tuesday, June 18, 2019


I am really loving all this podcast listening I’ve been doing here lately. Something I keep hearing asked again and again, whether it’s in a writing podcast or a personal growth podcast, is “What is your definition of success?”

I love this question. There is no right answer… and there is no right answer for any one person, either.

As a wife, my definition of success is a husband who feels fully loved by me, inspired by me, and closer to God because of me.

As a mother it looks an awful lot like it does as a wife. Four children who feel loved, cared for, encouraged and inspired.

As a writer it means writing for an audience of one (God) in a way that is well-received by at least one person who is changed because of it. If I get a message from someone telling me that my writing changed their perspective or brought them hope or peace, I feel like that book is officially checked off and now it’s time to focus on the next one. I wrote the book for that one person and God was nice enough to make sure I got to find out about it working out in the end. So far that has worked out for me and I really hope he continues to keep me in the loop after each book is released. 

I would like to bring in a good source of income for my family and for the people we help with our income, but if that never happens I will still feel successful as long as I know God is using my fingers to change somebody’s life.

So then the next question I often hear is something like, “Where do you stop?”

I believe that for me, this means stopping on the day that I die. Whether I am sick or arthritic or blind, I do believe writing is God’s plan for me and that I will never experience dementia because he needs my brain sharp until the very end. Hopefully you will someday read a kinda choppy book by me that was fully written but not fully edited before I died.

And hopefully it will change your life.

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