Wednesday, July 3, 2019


I had trouble sleeping the week before I published my first book. I couldn’t fall asleep for a while because day dreams about my overnight success story would keep me awake. I’d be interviewed on Oprah, on NPR, on all the nerdy YouTube videos about books and authors. Everyone would be shocked by the success of my first book and want to know how. How did you do it?

I’m so glad it didn’t work out that way.

Someday, it will. I have no doubts. Someday I will be interviewed on podcasts and speak at writing conferences. In the meantime, I am learning.

If one person climbs a mountain and the other is dropped off on the top by a helicopter, they both see the top. But the guy who climbed it also saw a fox, a few deer, a waterfall, and bear tracks. They both got the same view but one guy heard birds chirping and squirrels tittering, and the other only heard the sound of the helicopter’s blades whirring away.

I want to climb it. I am climbing it. Oh, the things I will see.


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