Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Recent Reads

Confident Moms, Confident Daughters*... This was a good, fast read on body image. I have a lot of anxiety around body image and my daughter's after spending so many years with body image issues and eating disorders so this really helped ease some of those fears. God has done amazing work in me in this area and he will always be with my girls.

Introverted Mom... Another super speedy read. Another great reminder that it's okay to be the introvert I was hand-designed to be, and I was in love with all the great references to female authors I adore!

Me Before You... Gosh. I am pretty sure I hate this book. It was well-done and I was captivated to the very end but it just wasn't a good thing for me emotionally. The sequel came in the day after I finished but I returned it unread. Still, the writing itself had me and I'll be trying another of her books soon!

Over the Edge... Ryan's cousin has Lyme Disease so I've learned a bit about it over the last decade. This summer I got really sick and had the classic bullseye rash so she and a few doctors were very concerned that I, too, might have contracted Lyme. I took a long course of crazy antibiotics + followed a strict Lyme regimen and soon felt better so haven't followed up. Any way I learned even more and this book, about a woman intentionally infected with Lyme, got me so fascinated by the subject again! I flew through the book and felt sick every time I was reading it (I definitely get stuck in her characters' heads), and then I requested a Lyme documentary from the library. I'm sure Ryan is very excited to watch it with me, perhaps on date night ;)

Ranger in Time... This great 3rd-ish grade series, about a time traveling Labrador retriever, is a great next bet for kids who liked The Imagination Station series. My son is very excited to try these.

Second Chances for Trampled Hearts... I just finished this one, read it in two days. I met Shoshanna Gabriel at the Spokane Christian Writers Conference and was so intrigued by her story! She was a secular Jewish woman writing adult romance (erotica) who became a Christian and switched over to Christian romance. I'm not a romance reader by nature, but I still enjoyed this one. Flawed characters, healing from past pain, finding love... I liked it.

Take Back Your Time*... I liked this book on productivity and time management. This was a quick read with a lot of great points and helpful tips. I'm now working on multitaskin less, decluttering my to-do lists, perfecting my meal plan, and delegating more (age-appropriate) chores + tasks to my children.

Take a Stand Rosa Parks... The Scholastic biographies have been hit-or-miss for me but I liked this one just fine.

* I received free copies of Confident Moms, Confident Daughters and Take Back Your Time in exchange for an honest review.

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