Tuesday, September 24, 2019


I'm teaching a writing class next month, on using the Enneagram personality framework to create better fiction characters.

The day after I got an official date on the schedule, I talked to an author friend about it. She's a New York Times Bestseller so I tend to view her word as gold.

I told her I was feeling nervous and underqualified. She told me that I shouldn't- that I'm a multipublished author knowledgeable on this subject, and that all authors battle Imposter Syndrome from time to time.

Yesterday I sat down to write the introduction I'll give for myself and found a sudden confidence I hope I always remember.

You know what? She's right. I am qualified.
I have a bachelor's degree in journalism. I've published ten books and written even more. I've studied the heck out of writing and I've studied the heck out of the Enneagram. I have lots of teaching experience- as a dance teacher, a habilitation provider for special needs children, a summer school teacher, and a homeschool mom.

I've learned a lot since writing those first fiction books and I've made massive improvements to my fiction writing craft. I write every single day and I learn every single day.

I am qualified. I am ready.

I am so excited.

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