Thursday, October 24, 2019

A few orders of business...

1- That Enneagram writing post. Y'all, I've tried. I cannot for the life of me squeeze all of my Enneagram class (which is already a very slimmed down version of a full book) into a blog post. It's going to have to be a multi-part series which I just cannot commit to until December or January. We are working on nailing down dates for my next classes so I will post those here when I have them 😊

2- I am hosting a virtual Bible study starting November 1st. The book is Psalm 40 by Sarah Mae. I got a lot more interest than I was expecting and I'm really looking forward to it! I know I'm cutting it a little close here but I haven't yet decided how to host it! I am thinking about either a private Facebook group or a weekly blog post here. The advantage to doing it in the Facebook group is the privacy and therefore ability to really get to know each other. The advantage of doing it as a blog post is that more people can join in, and that comments can be left anonymously for those who would like to share but don't feel ready to be so openly vulnerable. Let me know if you're interested and have a preference!

3- I am attending another writers workshop this weekend and I'm so excited about it! This one is free!

4- Today is my husband's birthday so I'm walking around in a happy stupor, excited about celebrating my guy all day.

5- A few links just for fun: The Good and the Beautiful has a blog! (This was news to me... New post every Monday) // Dr. Motley has a podcast now!! // When I see a link for crazy survival stories, I feel compelled to read them. I cry the whole time BUT I come out knowing how to survive a crazy situation. Or at least knowing why I'd never survive it 😆 // Someday I hope I can talk my girls into decorating their room with these beautiful literary heroine prints 😍

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