Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Fun Mom

I don't often feel like the fun mom. Messy crafts and science experiments stress me out. I don't feel anywhere near as imaginative during pretend play as I do when I write. The fun activities we do are usually done after several days of planning- spontaneity is not my jam.

But yesterday they worked together to move the kiddie table to their rug and then they set out their dishes and hosted a birthday party for this guy.

I watched them and I thought, "Beautiful."
They are beautiful. Their hearts, minds, soils, faces, voices. Childhood. Motherhood. Life. All beautiful.

I wanted to join them... But I also wanted to just watch, to not break the spell.

I knew I had paleo brownie mix in the pantry somewhere so I listened to them while I mixed it all up and popped them into the oven.

When it was time to serve the cake, I asked them to move the party to the real table.
Their surprise at seeing the imaginary birthday cake come to life!

"This is a great surprise! Good job, Mom!"
"You're the best mommy ever!"

I suggested we sing happy birthday to our guest of honor and they were giddy with delight.

I soon went back to being me- to feeling stressed out by the toys strewn across the living room and the dishes calling to me from the sink, to watching the clock and being mindful of our routine. But for that moment, I was fun. I was the fun mom.

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