Friday, December 27, 2019

2020 Reading Goals

Read 100 books... I read a spiritual growth book each morning, a read-aloud to my kids, and a fiction or non-fiction I find interesting in the evenings. I often read a chapter of a good writing book before my writing sessions and I enjoy audiobooks during a big laundry catch-up, workouts, driving alone, etc. This should be no problem.

Read 50 books I already own... the library sings such a sweet siren song but my physical TBR is once again growing out of control. Whether I read the physical book or listen to the audiobook version, I'd like to see myself hit 50 of the books already on my shelf before January 1st.

Read or skim my entire 4th grade book stack... My son has an unquenchable thirst for books and I'm so far still ahead of him... But by a little less all the time so I'd like to see my personal children's TBR stack shrink quite a bit too.

Find my commitment authors... I used to be so committed to certain authors. I'd read everything they wrote! As my tastes and mindset have changed I've found that their work no longer serves me... But whose does? I'd like to find my new favorite authors this year, the ones whose work I am committed to.

Branch out... I tend to only read WWII novels when I feel like reading historical fiction, otherwise mostly contemporary fiction and nonfiction. Right now I can see 13 WWII TBR books just from where I'm sitting, with more than half of my titles obscured. I'd like to read a few more classics and a few more historical fictions from other time periods, and maybe a sci-fi or something else totally out of character.

Try a buddy read with my hubby... I always want to do this but never follow through! This will be our year.

Read more "up lit"... I have been trying to figure out what I want to read outside of Christian fiction and my best explanation was uplifting (but not fluffy) books with a literary fiction feel. Enter these two lists- Refinery 29 and Simon & Schuster... I already have several of these titles from little free library exchanges so some of those books can hit both goals quite easily! 

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