Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A day in our homeschool

Today is our light day. We usually do four full days and one funky light day to give us space for field trips, projects, appointments, socializing, etc. Today we're staying home and taking it easy because everyone was super sick last week.

7:30am- We all sit at the table together for breakfast and "morning time." We pray, read a devotional from Love Does for Kids, and I pull out What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know and Weather: Poems for all Seasons because I want to try adding nursery songs + poetry into our mornings. We start memorizing a new verse and we practice this week's word: hat (Spanish = sombrero, ASL = pat your head to show where a hat goes).

9am- we've finished chores and my workout but the kids feel like playing and I've got a stack of books to write reviews on so we get lazy and do whatever we want for an hour.

10:15am- the kids finish a snack and we wipe down the table to start lessons. I start by reading the lovely picture book A Home in the Woods.
He opts to skip handwriting but add in math (this is typically a no-math day but we're behind thanks to illness so I will with it), which is still the Level 1 course by The Good and the Beautiful. 

He plays for a few minutes and then he comes back dressed as a Jedi and does a page from My First Story Writing Book. B wants to do homeschool too (also usually a no preschool day) so we pull out her Scissor Skills book. She cuts out fruit cards for a memory match game. We play it, then she uses the cards to quiz 2-year-old D on her colors.

12pm- We're done with lunch and everyone is on the floor coloring or working on a puzzle while I read aloud a chapter of Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. He decides to do a handwriting page after all so I set it on his bed to do during naptime/quiet time.

3pm- We read a little bit about music theory and practice on our keyboard 🎹.

5pm- he helps me make dinner and we of course talk a bit about kitchen safety and meal prep needs along with all the super hero, dinosaur, and detective talk 😉

6pm- everyone's done with dinner and we all sit down to write a thank you note to Nana.

7:30pm- Everyone is ready for bed so we all curl up together for a story from Jesus Storybook Bible and the delightful picture book Miss Rumphius. After we tuck everyone in, A curls up in his bed with a book light and reads the first Mercy Watson book.

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