Sunday, April 5, 2020

Happy Links

- Have you seen John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)'s new YouTube channel, dedicated entirely to sharing the kind things people do in this world?

- For an article format, which I learned through his first episode, check out InspireMore!

- A loves this historical fiction series (about a time traveling rescue dog) and we were so happy to discover that there are four more books in the series! It's also got him begging for a Golden Retriever puppy. "But we have Jack!" "Yeah, but he's huge! I want a sweet little puppy I can carry around!"

- A is also loving this nonfiction series, though we've run into a few I didn't care for. Favorites so far- Jackie Robinson, Bermuda Triangle, Mister Rogers, Milton Hershey, The Age of the Dinosaurs, The Great Barrier Reef

- Ryan found this pig Instagram account and little C is pretty in love with the dressed up piggies he sends us in the mornings

- Other pig favorites: Charlotte's Web (book and DVD, plus I hope to get her this Meryl Streep audio version for her birthday!) // Pignic // If You Give a Pig a Pancake // If You Give a Pig a Party // these pig slippers // this Three Little Pigs game // She's loving our current read-aloud, Freddy Goes to Florida, and I'm fixin' to review Adventures of a South Pole Pig as potential read-alouds. (Did you like that 'fixin to'?  No other phrase felt right! But my parents live in Texas so it's okay).

- Immunity boosters: diffusing this essential oil blend // drinking this tea // keeping stress low

- Several of the Green Ember series books are free on Kindle at the time of this post

- Almost done with our revolutionary war study and then we'll be watching that episode from this great series

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