Monday, May 4, 2020


I have this great habit tracker in my planner and it's so filled with white splotches. What a month. But we survived it, eh?
Things I got up to in April:

Celebrating- two quarantine birthdays! A turned seven this month and my birthday is six days later. He has asked all year for a birthday party and I had big plans to go to a bookstore but we both enjoyed our special days anyway!

Playing- Super Nintendo! We pulled out the Super Nintendo I bought in college and played Mario and Donkey Kong with the kids. I was surprised to find these games actually stressed me out and I noticed that my body feels like it's in fight-or-flight mode when I try to play. So... A) I'd probably die if I tried Call of Duty B) more work to do here C) is this everyone? Are we a traumatized nation because of video games or am I just hypersensitive?

Writing- Next to nothing :(  I found that my brain was super unfocused during April writing sessions and I also wonder if attempting to write my books by hand is unfortunately not working for me. I'll be trying to type it all again in May and see if that makes a difference.

Watching- mostly 24, but also birthday episodes of The Office (Lecture Circuit episodes, season 5) and Sweet Home Alabama

Listening- to our new Ellie Holcomb CD (adore! I want all of her CDs!!) and a Sunday school favorites CD so much I could cry. Currently Reading podcast is my newest find and I listened to several episodes this month.

Homeschooling- Mostly business as usual... Finished our Revolutionary War unit (and we were both so happy we closed with that episode of America: The Story of Us to bring it all together!) and B asked to start reading a Mary Engelbreit fairy tale with each of her lessons again.

Homesteading- My husband dug up a big long trench for both an electric dog fence and a phone line... And then the phone company went bankrupt! No idea what's happening with that now 😬 We also started building a greenhouse, are seeing great progress with our indoor seedlings, and got our first apple tree for this property thanks to my parents ordering one for my birthday!

Reading- feels like much less than usual but I guess I read a decent amount.

-The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg... so helpful, informative, and interesting! Ryan owns this one so I enjoyed the library's audio version but re-read important parts in print.

-Modern Homestead by Renee Wilkinson... Skimmed quite a few parts that don't apply to us but overall really liked it!

- What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey... I've never actually seen an episode of Oprah and knew basically nothing about her outside of the fact that she had a talk show so I had no idea what to expect from this book (which I listened to as an audio book) but I absolutely loved it. 

-Blaze of Light*... Blaze of Light is a faith-focused military story, about Green Beret medic Gary Beikirch. This book unfortunately showed up in my mailbox right about the time all the coronavirus craziness took off so I had a lot of trouble reading it. Even though it's a story of hope and inspiration, it felt too heavy to take on at the time. I wound up skimming the whole last 3/4 of the book and passing it along to my husband who is a lot tougher than me and is looking forward to it.

-The Human Microbiome... I love microbe books and this one is no exception. Super short, probably meant for 8th or 9th graders.

-Pride and Prejudice... I finally finished! This was my buddy read with my mom and I am pretty sure we started it in January! I hope I'm wrong about that. I did enjoy the story but Jane Austen's writing style was not my favorite and I really slogged through this one, often feeling mad since that's my go-to reaction to feeling dumb. I will absolutely read more Austen, but not this year.

-Open Book by Jessica Simpson... I was never a Jessica fan (I was a Britney and NSYNC girl, though Backstreet Boys certainly had my heart too) but a blogger I like reviewed this one as a great read and it happened to be available on my library's audio book app so I went for it. I didn't love it and it talks about sexual abuse and abstinence + sex too much to be listened to with kids in earshot but it definitely had me interested. Also I'm 99% sure she's an Enneagram 2w3.

-Stay by Anjuli Paschall*... I really liked this book! I read a chapter with my devotional each morning and found it a wonderful way to start the day. Each chapter is an essay, a personal story inviting you into her vulnerability with a beautiful look at the way we can use our pain to connect with God. This is absolutely in my wheelhouse and I think it would be great to read straight through as well but there was something so magical about reading it in the mornings!

*I received a free copy of Stay and Blaze of Light from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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