Friday, May 29, 2020

Book Face Friday

Hi! Happy Friday! We've been sharing children's book reviews on Facebook and Instagram most Fridays here lately and I thought I'd share this week's review here, since we're out and online :]

Little D (age 2.5) was quite smitten this week with the Imagination Library pick Baking Day at Grandma's. "I like it dat dey saying 'baking day, baking day, baking day a grandma's' again an again an again! And dey cuuuuuuute little teddy bears."

B (age 5) loved one of our science reads this week, One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies. "I love that they are so little and tiny when they're first hatcheded and I like learning about turtles."

C (age 4) enjoyed my sniffling my way through Love You Forever. (I like it that he's a little baby and gets bigger and bigger and bigger until he's the daddy! But I think his mommy's dead so I don't like that."

D (age 7) was quite happy about this new-to-us graphic novel, Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (and also the second and third book in the series). "These books have fun action and adventure. I think other seven-year-olds would love them too."

I happen to like all four of these books, though Love You Forever makes me sob and question existentialism so I try to only read it once a year.

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