Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Twelve years ago today we officially became a couple.

We're coming up on a decade of marriage and I still feel excited every single evening because I know he's on his way home.

I am so happy and so proud to be his girl and I'm naturally tearing up this morning, reminiscing on those early days... Riding tricycles around a parking lot, holding hands in movie theaters, hiking, collective hours in Bookman's, doing homework side by side, tagging along while I took a zillion photos for my photography classes, hanging out in garages just to be near him, watching him play video games, dragging him to plays and dance performances, so much mud romping.

We had no money, no idea how to communicate, no clue how to foster a healthy relationship. But good grief, did we have love!

Pardon my cheesy, goofy-happy grin all day... I'm just madly in love

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