Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Homeschool Plans

We're about a month away from the end of our school year so I'm figuring out our homeschool plans for next year. A will be in 2nd grade, B in kindergarten, and C in preschool.

I'm still working out the schedule kinks but here's what i know about subjects: Math and language arts are still my top (academic) priority. Then history, science, our Spanish & sign language nouns, and handwriting. Then there are a whole bunch of fun electives that I need help being reasonable about (they each feel like they're important enough to do a few times a week but I'll implode if I actually try to squeeze it all in): piano, music appreciation, nature study, drawing, painting, cooking, yoga, dance, computer science, creative writing.

My favorite electives growing up were computer, Spanish, drama, dance, and creative writing. I was also surprised by how much i enjoyed my mandatory six weeks of woodshop. I'm so excited to see which electives each of my children latch onto!

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