Sunday, July 26, 2020

2019 Homeschool Year Review

We finished our 2019 homeschool year, 1st grade and preschool! Here's what worked for us this year:

Handwriting- We didn't do any preschool handwriting this year but A did the Good and the Beautiful level one handwriting book and loved that it included so much drawing and coloring (for pencil control!)

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It's our last day of 1st grade/preschool today! We finished our @Thegoodandthebeautiful course books and watched a movie. Tomorrow starts summer break! My summer break goals: catch the laundry back up, read through a big fat stack of library books I think might be appropriate for 2nd/3rd grade, complete my to-do list for the Christian book podcast I'm releasing soon, and most important: be present + play + savor! Also, just being honest, potty training and revamping naptime are also tempting me. I've always joked that my personality is Type B-and-a-half and the Enneagram helps me see why. I'm a 9w1 and today my 1 wing is shouting, "We are the very most organized! We can and will do all the things, and be a perfect mom while doing it!" but my 9ness will show up tomorrow like, "You're kidding, right? You want us to do 20 hours of work in a 24 hour day, but also sleep 8 hours and be super present + loving + chill?" But even as I typed that my 1 wing was like, "No, it's fine! It'll be GREAT! We can do this!" So we'll see... #homelearning #homeschool #thegoodandthebeautiful #TGTB #homeschoolmom #9w1 #Enneagram9 #thisishomeschool #thisishowwehomeschool #lastdayofschool

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History- We used The Good and the Beautiful Year One and liked it... But now I'll be making my own history curriculum! I'm already working on the first unit.

Language Arts- We used The Good and the Beautiful's level one language arts for A and the pre-k + K-Primer books for B. We're all big fans of these. The language arts program includes reading, writing, grammar, spelling, art and geography.

Math- Again, we used The Good and the Beautiful's level 1 math curriculum. This is A's favorite subject because of all the math games and activities. I love that their math is story-based and desperately hope their math works for all four of my children.

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It's almost time to place our next homeschool curriculum order so we've been thinking and talking about it a lot this week. Right now my body is not cooperating with me and I'm very low-energy. I know this won't be forever, but still, it feels so important to choose a schedule that will prioritize a love of learning, rest, and connection. We're sticking with our Good and the Beautiful math and language arts courses but I'll be doing history and science very differently. I'm feeling really happy and confident about the upcoming year, and also really thankful for the ability to reflect and then change anything we think can be better. Homeschool friends, are you making any changes this year? #homelearning #homeschool #thisishomeschool #thisishowwehomeschool #homeschoolscience #spacescience #space #outerspace #solarsystem #kidart

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Science- We did use The Good and the Beautiful a smidge but I ultimately decided I wanted to plan my own science units and that worked out great. I would have liked to come up with more hands-on activities but overall it worked out okay.

Spanish/ Sign Language- By the end of the year we were just learning one noun each week, in both Spanish and ASL, and enjoying Spanish music and stories. I think teaching Spanish might not be one of my gifts so I'm going to look at some other options for this year.

Electives... I want the kids to enjoy electives but I don't take them too seriously. We do arts & crafts during the occasional library story time and lots of art projects of their own design at home, started learning to play the electric keyboard, cook together a couple times a week, lightly practice computer skills, do dance and yoga DVDs at home, tried a few of the library's STEAM events. I'm pretty happy with it overall and I'm especially happy to not have to drop much at all with covid-19 changes. 

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Pay Day, birthday thank you notes, a coral reef made of Legos (plus the delightful book The Brilliant Deep by Kate Messner), making music, making a fort, checking on the vegetables we're growing, watching a team of ants, a Dollar Tree preschool workbook with a fairy tale story, deciding what to do with a found dime, designing another robot, a puzzle with a chapter of our read-aloud, a dinnertime conversation about monarchy, a fat stack of picture books resulting in all the questions. I saw something horrible the other day and I've been so upset ever since. I dreamed about it last night and woke up at 2am just knowing today would be awful... But it wasn't. It started with a hug and it was filled with a lot more of them. There were smiles and giggles and kind text messages and fun ideas. This planet is so sad and crazy right now. But I suppose it always has been. Still, there really is light and beauty and goodness mixed in. Thank you, Jesus. #homelearning #homeschool #thisishomeschool #thisishowwehomeschool #boardgames #boardgamenerd #payday

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