Thursday, July 9, 2020

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Keeping my arm weights in a basket beneath my nightstand. It's such a silly thing that shaves three seconds of time off my morning routine (and only every other day, since I alternate arms and legs) but it makes it feel a zillion times easier.

Annie F Downs' Enneasummer podcasts! 

Early morning snuggles with each kid. I wake up and start my morning routine and then someone wakes up and comes in for snuggles. They come snuggle me one at a time and it's such a perfect, sweet way to start our day together.

Vitamin c + stinging nettle + nettle tea to help my body break down histamines better. It's not a miracle cure as I spent Sunday and Monday feeling awful again but it definitely seems to be helping and shortening the length of time I feel so miserable

Animal sightings on the trail cam! We got it because it seemed important after a bear walked up and sniffed the truck while Ryan was inside it, and then we saw a bear track near there a few days later. Ryan's sharing trail cam footage over on the Cedar Ridge Homestead Instagram and Facebook pages soon. 

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