Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Learning to read

Teaching my kids to read is such an awesome experience.

B is sounding things out left and right, but my favorite is the little books and cards she's making for us all. She sounds things out phonetically but still has a slight five-year-old speech impediment so writing what she hears is so adorable.

She wrote a story about a boy named Alex so the little book was filled with "Awex" and my heart just about burst with love for her.

Other favorites right now: all the R and L words she spells with a W, "I luf u" for I love you, "Gaku" for thank you, and "mg" for much (as in "I luf u so mg" or "Gaku so mg.")

Sometimes these moments are so beautiful they hurt, because I know they're already over as they're happening. I'm great at the savoring, still working on the letting go 💙

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