Saturday, July 11, 2020

Recent Reads

- Charlotte's Web- We listened to the new Meryl Streep + full cast audio version in the car and it was so delightful! The kids immediately asked to start it over and listen again.

- The Edge of Everywhen*- I cannot express how much I loved this Christian middle-grade book! I loved the relationships (especially 13-year-old Piper's beautiful and loving relationship with her non-verbal, Autistic little brother), the fun (magical?) writing style, the endless talk of books, the mystery, the thread of faith woven throughout the story... I loved it all and I absolutely cannot wait to hand this book to my children! I'd say this book is ideal for kids with a sixth or seventh grade reading level, but it would also make an excellent read-aloud.

- Hadley Beckett's Next Dish*- Confession: I've never watched a cooking show or contest on television. So for that reason I may not be the best person to review this little gem (which I skimmed much of) but I still found it quite charming. Bethany Turner has brought another game-changer to the ideals of Christian romance novels. This book is fresh, flirty, and fun. Hadley Beckett's Next Dish would make for an excellent beach read.

- The Happy Camper*- I have a thing for travel trailers. We moved into one shortly after we got married so we could travel and explore the US, and we still talk quite often about someday getting one so we can travel more with our kids in the future. The trailer renovation was my favorite part of this happy little book, and then I skimmed the rest. I prefer more serious books with flowier prose but I still found this one cute and fun, and who doesn't find a good love triangle interesting?

- The Happy Hollisters- I am so happy to be done with this read-aloud!! The book, which was a level 4 book on the Good and Beautiful book list, is fine, but I don't think it made for a good read-aloud at all.

- Jennifer's Way- This was such a great read about Celiac Disease! I learned a lot and highly recommend.

- The New Jim Crow-  I minored in criminal justice in college so already knew a lot about the racial disparities in the system but this book (which I listened to as an audio book) expanded on the subject in so many ways. It was fascinating (albeit heartbreaking) and I highly recommend it.

- Soul Surfer- I saw this movie years ago but I wanted to check the book out for myself before adding it to my kids' future book list. I approve and added it into the 7th grade books. I listened on audio and found myself crying while folding laundry several times!

- The March on Washington- Those of you looking for racial justice books to hand to your elementary school kids might try this one, probably for about 5th grade level readers. This American Girl book is mostly nonfiction with fictionalized journal entries weaved in.

-The Wingfeather Saga*-  This is a fun one! I really liked Andrew Peterson's book on creating so looked forward to the Wingfeather Saga, which I've seen many "Featherheads" recommend. The books were previously released with this different cover style (and marked, at least at my library, as YA) but I think they feel more like a late middle grade novel and I love that the new covers reflect that. I was sent the second book in the series but I want to fully read the first before I decide on an age range. At this point I think 7th or 8th grade feels right but we'll see! This series explores family dynamics (always one of my favorite elements!) and is filled with fantastical creatures and places, adventure, and a deeper sense of purpose. If you're looking for an exciting Christian series to hand to your older kids, this would make for a fun one.

* I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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