Friday, August 28, 2020


I’m getting a wisdom tooth out today (please pray for me!) and imagine I’ll probably just watch a lot of shows/movies over the next few days… but hopefully I will instead read a lot of books! Here are a ten books on my personal TBR (to-be-read) list, mostly for fall/winter.

The Bright Unknown… An asylum with dark secrets and a daring escape… yes, please! I got this one during a $5 sale at my nearest Christian bookstore and then got even more excited about it when I read a riveting review on Bookstagram.

A Christmas Carol… My mom and I are going to buddy read this one, which I am pretty sure I’ve never actually read, right before Christmas. Fun fact: This book was originally self-published!

The Girl with the Silver Eyes… When I was maybe nine years old, my aunt told me she adored this book and passed it on to me. Last month she talked about telepathy and I reminded her of this book. It turned out we both still have a copy so we decided to read it as a buddy read together and see if it’s aged well.

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus… I haven’t read any Jaime Jo Wright books but have wanted to for a while now. I was offered the opportunity to review this one and jumped at the chance! I tend to like circus books and a spooky fall read sounds so perfect. I like imagining myself curled up with a blanket, mug of tea, and this book. Mainly because it is still too hot and my mouth hurts too bad to stay present in my reality.

The Honest Enneagram… I got super excited about this book when I heard about it on an Annie F Downs Enneasummer podcast. So excited that I bought a brand-new copy without ever having read it, something I almost never do. (I’ll read a book from the library first, or the free Kindle sample if my library doesn’t have it. Then, if I truly love it and think it’s something I’ll reference many times or will want my kids to read in homeschool high school, I’ll add it to a list and watch for it used. I almost only buy a homeschool book as a brand new book). Then I got a few nonfiction review books and nonfiction library books so this sweet little thing has been sitting near the top of my TBR stack for a couple of months now! The book and I are both sad about it and ready to change this.

Hurricane Season… I have wanted to read this one for so dang long! I love books set in the south, for one thing, so you had me at Alabama. But it’s also about a marriage (established marriages are great- it’s new romantic relationships I don’t enjoy reading about), infertility, and a community’s hurricane season. My mom would call this synopsis depressing but I just love books about real issues like this because there is always so much growth, connection, and reflection found in them!

In This House We Will Giggle… I am a gentle and loving mom most of the time (with lots and lots of grumpy mess-ups, of course) but I’m not often a fun mom. I’m not really concerned about it, since I think it takes all kinds, but I would like my kids to remember me as fun and not just gentle because, I don’t know, I feel like they’ll only want to come home when they’re devastated if I’m only gentle and not fun. Probably not true but still. Anyway, I’ve had this book on my shelf since back when I felt like I should completely change myself and be the! funnest! mom! ever! so I’m ready to read it in a more healthy way… looking for practical ways (practical! Boy, this author has her work cut out for her) to bring fun into our current routines without me trying to fake some energy that isn’t me and then burning out. We’ll see how it goes. 

Planet of MicrobesBut haven’t you read all the microbe books already? No matter. Just one more. I can quit any time I want.

The Story Mama… A book about motherhood and books, don’t mind if I do! I enjoy a good book-about-books and considering that I read 300% more kid books than grown-up books these days I suspect I’ll find a whole lot of joy in this one.  

A Thousand Tomorrows… My sister-in-law has Down Syndrome and we recently had a conversation explaining this to A. He was very interested and we looked up library books about Down Syndrome, but I was surprised to see this one pop up too. This is a Christian fiction romance (romance is definitely not my favorite genre) about an “angry and isolated” cowboy who takes care of a younger brother with Down Syndrome and his relationship with “a mysterious woman with a secret.” I’m very cautiously optimistic about this one. 

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