Friday, October 30, 2020

November Goals

 It's nearly November! Assuming the world as we know it doesn't completely end on election day, these are my lofty goals:

πŸ’™ Be a loving, present mama. Put it far above anything else on this list. Remember that nothing matters as much as this. 

πŸ’™ Increase my podcast audience size by 10% 

πŸ’™ Write 20,000 words for NaNoWriMo 

πŸ’™ Make a big pot of veggie-filled soup every Sunday so we can have it through the week. 

πŸ’™  Read three novels + finish the book I'm reading with my hubby 

πŸ’™ Figure out some kind of homeschool field trip for the kids 

πŸ’™ Get back in the habit of doing DVD workouts on the days it's too cold to do my outdoor workouts 

πŸ’™ Maaaaaybe try to start training the puppy?

Thanks for connecting! 

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