Friday, December 11, 2020

10 Middle Grade Books I Can't Wait to Read!


- The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud- I've seen this talked about on many homeschoolers' blogs so I snagged myself a copy with some gift cards to our localish Christian bookstore!

- The Cabin Faced West- A pioneer story, don't mind if I do!

- Dawn and the Letters- I liked the first one but have trouble with spreader review copies so haven't gotten to try this one yet. It looks so delightful! I am all about anything remotely epistolary in nature.

- A Little Singing Bird- I got this for about $2 in my Black Friday order from The Good and the Beautiful and can't wait to try it!

- Love, Mary Elisabeth- A fully epistolary children's novel, recommended by Gretchen Louise!

- Odin's Promise- we're having a blast learning about Norway through our Nordic Christmas box and I went down a rabbit hole looking for allll the Norway-themed middle grade novels. This one sounds so good and landed up at the top of my list.

- Rock Harbor Search and Rescue- I just talked about the grown-up Rock Harbor series on episode 8 of my podcast but I'm excited to check out the middle grade version too!

- Into the Book of Light by Ted Dekker and Kara Dekker- I'm so excited about this new-to-me Christian middle grade series. I read a different Ted Dekker middle grade selection earlier this year and it was really well done so this should be good!

- The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City- Very hopeful this will pass my mom test because C is so piggy-obsessed. I would especially love to be able to do this one as a read aloud.

- The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden- The original was wonderful so hoping this and the third one are too!

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