Sunday, December 6, 2020

Listening, watching, reading

It's been bitter cold a couple days here lately and it's always darker faster so we're spending much more time inside. I do love this time of year and I'm still enjoying bundled-up walks through our woods when I can but I'm also enjoying a lot more indoor activity. More piano/keyboard practice, more picture books, more board games, more hot tea chats... And of course more books, movies, and indoor workouts with a podcast or audio book in my ears. Here's what I've been enjoying lately: 

Listening: The Book of Lost Friends // Adventures in Odysey US History // Duck Dynasty Christmas album on repeat (because of my kids... I prefer other stuff) // The Bedtime History Podcast... so awesome as a homeschool resource! 

: my trusty stack o workout DVDs on these too-cold-for-outside-workout mornings // an awesome History Channel series called Conspiracy // Divergent


Reach Out Gather In* is such a delightful 40-day devotional/guide to encourage you in the area of hospitality. This is not my strongsuit but I felt like I gained a ton of great insight and ideas to help me improve here in was that are actually reasonable and applicable for me. I would definitely recommend this one to those who are already masters in the art of hospitality but if you're a newbie like me it's still very much worth your time. 

The Sowing Season* is a very well-written new Christian fiction about a high-strung 15-year-old girl and a newly retired 63-year-old man and the ways they alter each other's lives when they strike an unlikely friendship and their lives collide. Overall, I liked this one for adults... but a few elements made me too uncomfortable to call it a good fit for all 15-year-olds. Parents will want to review it themselves first, I think. I don't like the idea of a 15-year-old girl striking up a (perfectly innocent) friendship with a grown man that her parents don't really know about, but I also think it could make for a really great read for parent and teen to do together and discuss! 

Home Made Lovely* is such a gorgeous home design book that made me really excited to move some things around and change the look of our home. I think my style, based on what I learned from this beautiful gem, is a mix of country and rustic... but it's not necessarily reflected in my home so I'm excited to make a few little changes to reflect that better! 

* I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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